The Facts Behind the Quaker Springs Fire Department

The Quaker Springs Fire Department (QSFD) serves the rural area of the Town of Saratoga New York. Our district has traditionally been a farming community.

We protect a 50.2 square mile area. The Fire District is surrounded on three sides by major bodies of water - Saratoga Lake, Fish Creek and the Hudson River.

The QSFD answers approximately 100 calls a year of which 14-16% are fires.

There are approximately 45-50 members of the department.

When the department first started in 1947, Mrs. King would sound the church bell for alarms. We then advanced to a siren and then to fully automatic pager alert system where firefighters are notified of the alarm location and nature.

The department has automatic daytime mutual aid agreements with Arvin Hart FD (Town of Stillwater), Schuyler Hose (Schuylerville) and David Nevins FD (Victory Mills). In addition, the department provides and receives mutual aid with numerous departments in Saratoga and Washington Counties.

QSFD has enjoyed the support of our community in the Town of Saratoga for many years. QSFD looks forward to serving the community in the future with dedicated personnel providing quality care and service to our residents.

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