Quaker Springs Fire Department is proud of our fleet of firefighting and rescue equipment.

We have 2 primary attack trucks responding from each of our fire stations.
493 and 497 are housed in Station 1 on Blodgett Rd.
491 and 492 are housed in Station 2 on Route 9P.

In addition we have a brush truck, 2 rescue boats, 2 utility trucks, 2 Chief's vehicles and a lite rescue truck.

Our fleet is well maintained and equipped with state-of-the-art firefighting and support equipment.

Quaker Springs Fire Department is proud of our fleet of firefighting and rescue equipment.


In April of 2015 QSFD took delivery of E 491.

E 491 has a Spartan Metro Star Chassis with seating for 6 firefighters. The truck carries 750 gallons of water with a 1250 gpm pump. The truck is equipped with a 6kw hydraulic generator, 4 gas meter, Cutters Edge saw, Genesis extrication tools and an AED.


ETA 492 is a Kenworth 2-door with a Kenworth 450 HP Engine. The main purpose for ETA 492 is for tanker shuttles and water supply. The truck is equipped to run as a pumper if another truck is out of service or there are multiple calls.

Aluminum Body
Single Axle
1500 gpm Pump
1800 gallon Tank
Deck Gun Monitor
Generator, w/PTO 8KW
2100 gallon fold-a-tank
Electric hydraulic overhead ladder rack with 35 foot extension ladder
14 foot roof ladder
10 foot attic ladder


On Saturday, March 29, 2008, QSFD took delivery of ER-493.

ER-493 has a 2007 Spartan Advantage Chassis with a 6-man cab. The truck carries 1000 gallons of water and has a Darley pump that can move 1250 gallons of water per minute. ER-493 is equipped with a 9 kilowatt hydraulic generator and carries a Genesis Jaws-of-Life, 1000 feet of 5" hose, 500 feet of 3" hose, a CO meter, ice rescue equipment, a thermal imaging camera, farm rescue equipment , a positive pressure ventilation fan, an AED, and a landing zone radio and GPS.

All the equipment on ER-493 was purchased by the Fire Department through grants and donations. Thank you for your support!

2007 / 1000 gallon tank / 1250 gpm pump


F-494 is a Ford F350 crew cab with a 6.0l diesel engine. It was put in service in 2007. The truck carries ice rescue equipiment, a back board and brush fire hand tools. F-494 is used to tow MR-498.

494 was purchased by the Fire Department through grants and donations. Thank you for your support!


F-495 is QSFD's brush truck. The truck is a 2004 F-550 4X4 w/ 6.0 liter turbo diesel engine with a a skid package including a 300 gallons of water and a 18 hp High pressure pump. The truck has a hose reel with 250' of 3/4" reel-tex hose and can connect up to 3 more 1" forestry lines.

The truck is equipped with various brooms, chainsaws, shovels and rakes as well as 6 soft Indian tanks that can be filled off the pump.

The vehicle has a brush guard and 9000 pound winch that can be used on the front or back hitch.

2004 / 500 gpm pump / 300 gallon tank


Quaker Springs Fire is pleased and proud to announce the arrival of our new Lite Rescue truck.

This truck is built on a 2022 Dodge RAM 5500 cab and chassis with a custom designed body fabricated by Upstate NY Plow & Truck Body LLC. The custom body was designed to carry specialized rescue gear including: (4) air packs, an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED), the jaws of life, airbags, rescue struts, a pneumatic light tower for scene lighting, a 20” chain saw and assorted hand tools, ladder and more.

This truck allows us to centralize our rescue equipment for faster response to a variety of emergency situations while its compact size gives us the flexibility to respond to more situations than our larger trucks do.


In June 2011, QSFD took delivery of ETA-497.

ETA-497 has a Spartan MetroStar chassis and the Rosenbauer Centurion stainless steel body. The truck carries 1,250 gallons of water with quick dump, a Darley 1250gpm pump and a 6kw hydraulic generator. Other equipment includes a thermo-imaging camera, a helo landing zone radio, portable pump, AED, and K-12 saw.


MR-498 is one of QSFD's rescue boats. The boat is a 2004 Zumro Rescue Boat w/ 60 hp Mercury 4 stroke engine and 13" big foot prop. The front of the bow opens up for easy recovery of victims, rescuers and divers.

MR-498's equipment includes throw ropes of various lengths, 1 floatation ring, 1 bull horn, 4 cold water rescue suits.

MR-498 was purchased by the Fire Department as a result of successful fundraisers including our annual letter campaign. Thank you for your support!


MR-508 is QSFD's newest Fire/Rescue boat. It was designed and built by Silver Ships of Mobile, Alabama and is powered by a 250hp, four stroke Suzuki outboard engine.

The new boat carries a 575 gpm pump to feed a deck gun and can be outfitted to also handle hand lines. It is equipped with a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) system and an advanced sonar system. The boat also carries an electronic bull horn, warning horn and a mounted spot light.

MR-508 will carry the normal complement of rescue gear including life jackets, a throw ring and throw bags, boat hooks, flare gun, rescue stokes basket and a basic first aid bag. Cold water rescue suits will be included in the required equipment.

The boat's door is removable for patient recovery and is equipped with removable ladder for ease of entry.

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