Youth Firefighter Program

In 2008, the Quaker Springs Fire Department created a Youth Firefighter Program as a starting point for any 14 or 15 year old interested in the fire service. The program shall aid in the development of future fire service leaders and members. The individuals in this program shall provide a supporting role to the firefighters of this company when called upon.

Benefits of Being a Youth Firefighter

  1. Receive free training in preparation for becoming a Junior Fire Fighter at age 16.
  2. Be part of a team that takes care of each other and to be there when other team members are in need.
  3. Be assigned personal protective equipment (PPE) when need arises.
  4. Have fun while staying safe.
  5. Receive help from senior firefighters in the building of fire service skills.
  6. Participate in department events (parades, fund raisers, installation banquet, company picnic, trips to other departments).

Limits of the Youth Firefighter Member

  1. Training will consist of class room and hands on training that will not endanger the member.
  2. Youth Firefighters will not be allowed to ride on apparatus for emergency calls.
  3. Exception being parades or special events.
  4. Youth Firefighters will not be allowed to be active in any dangerous situations.
  5. Youth Firefighters will be allowed to observe calls if they are paired up with a senior firefighter or Auxiliary member capable of devoting their full attention to the Youth Firefighter.
Youth FFs working on emergency road barricades

Requirements for Membership

  1. Must have reached their 14th birthday.
  2. Must provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Shall show good moral and ethical qualities.
  4. Must reside within the Quaker Springs Fire District or no further than 3 road miles beyond the district boundary line.
  5. Must have passing grades prior to acceptance of membership.
  6. Must abstain from participation if grades fail until passing grades are achieved.

Application Process

  1. Completely fill out the membership application form and submit it to the Department Secretary.
  2. The completed application will be read at the next Department business meeting.
  3. The membership will then vote, by secret ballot, to accept or reject the application's request for membership. 2/3 vote is needed to be accepted.
  4. If accepted, the applicant will then begin the Quaker Springs Probationary Program which consists of an introduction to the Officers and members, orientation of the station and station guidelines and 15 hours of Firefighter safety Training (mandated by OSHA). This training will be given by the Youth Firefighter Leader.

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